Because of the climate, the priority has always been to build a herd of efficient cows that are suited to typical East Coast hill country. Over time it has been observed that it is the medium sized, well fleshed cows that seem to have the ability to bounce back quickly after adverse climatic conditions and get in calf again and rear a good calf. Under often difficult East Coast hill country conditions Cows are run in a commercial environment and used to prepare pasture for sheep.


So what we are aiming to do is produce bulls of bone and substance that will sire productive, fertile females that will in turn leave progeny that appeal and perform in the commercial market. In this respect it is always very satisfying seeing commercial clients getting good results in the market place.


Heifers are mated as yearlings and calving ease is a priority  ahead of birth weights. Breed plan data is used in selecting sires but only after assessments for structural soundness and temperament. These last two are considered very important, and also a good background for temperament, soundness , fertility and longevity.

Weaning weights are also considered important .