Norfolk Road Sales Yard

Bulls are blood tested and vaccinated for BVD.  10 in 1 vaccinations are completed ,and all bulls are semen and service tested before the sale.

While a few bulls sell for top money most  are sold in a very comfortable range of prices.

We do stand behind our bulls and in the unusual situation of there being a problem we are willing to discuss it and will do our best to reach a satisfactory solution for the buyer.


Combined Angus Bull Sale


The sale date is the first Wednesday in June at the Masterton Sale Yards, 12pm. 


2016 Bull Sale Results

Top price $16,000.00 to Rimunui Riverside Ltd



2015 Bull Sale Results

Top price $12,500.00 to Herrick Land Company



June 4th 2014 Bull Sale Results

Sold 23 Bulls with an average of $5,800.00 per head.

Top Sale Bull was sold for 11,500.00 to Herrick Land Company Ltd.